The Upgrade

I got a new car!!!
So the old Cellie is finally retired. She was so good to me. And damn we had some fun in that little red celica. Today mom and I went to Carmax because we had a celica transferred from VA and it had arrived. When we walked outside to see it, I really almost fell over. It's gorgeous. She is midnight blue, GTS, sunroof, spoiler, charcoal leather interior, 2000, hot alloy wheels, bangin system (that is going to bang so much harder because my wonderful Dustin is giving me his 10 and his amp. I insisted I take him to dinner - so I will buy him sushi and he will give me the hotass noise makers), and of course the keyless entry that beeps at me to let me know she's unlocking. Ohmygah I am so in love with this car. My parents are so great. And great doesn't really even do them justice - they are amazing. I love them so much, and not just because they bought me a badass car that makes me look way hot. They bought it for me for graduation and told me that I deserve it and it made me feel so good. Wow. I am too excited for words!

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  1. catherine Says:

    yay :)