House Warming Party

We threw our House Warming party this past Saturday. At first, I was all concerned with how undecorated and unfurniturized the house was... by 4:00 AM Sunday morning, I was glad I hadn't bothered to buy things or seriously decorate considering the place was a sticky, beer smelling mess. Glad we bough super strength carpet cleaner.

I think we had about 30 people over... which equaled out to about 8 cases of beer, 2 bottles of Grey Goose, 1 bottle of Jager and 1 bottle of SoCo. No, I don't understand how we are alive either. Especially after Winnie's shots -- so we all cheers-ed each other and took a huge sip. We all then made the same God-awful face; some of us swallowed the burning liquid, some of us (like myself) simply could not handle it, and spit every last drop back into their shot glass/paper cup. It is extremely possible that I was the only one who did that, however I like to believe I was not.

The night consisted of card games around a tiny table outside, dancing in the kitchen where the kitchen table would have been, eating my fabulous dip off of the coffee table and telling completely assonine drunken stories. Perfection, if you ask me.

So thanks to all who helped break in/break our new home. It was awesome and as soon as I convince Dave to do it all again, we will. Get excited.