Stalkers Don't Make Friends

I have some rants in the pants again... let's say, hypothetically, i dated this guy and now he is dating this new girl. let's also pretend she is a stalker bitch. lucky for me, i also know how to use stalker tatics to find information i need to know that i am in fact being watched. see, i'm smart... and yes i do know that you are getting your cute little friends to check up on my pictures and my blog entries... probably trying to confirm if her wonderful hypothetical boyfriend is cheating on her. i don't think he is technically. i mean i sure as hell am not seeing him. but i really wish she would stop getting her friends to check on what i'm doing. and then block me because they of course don't want me to see their little AIM profiles. yes, i know my life rocks and i write a better blog... but come on. let's grow up here. all you're going to do is make yourself paranoid. so congratulations, sweetheart.
oh i love how much of a bitch i can be. hope you enjoyed it.

1 Response to "Stalkers Don't Make Friends"

  1. catherine Says:

    damn i fucking hate those stalkers. they are like little pesky. glad i'm not one. ......................, yea.