I Heart Blog

Woo woo! I just learned that I can make my "comments" section open to anyone! That means all of you can post your comments on my entries! But if you are mean, I don't want to hear it. Gah. Don't be mean. So, blog is the anit-study. Really. My notes are in front of me and I'm just like whatthefuckever. Tomorrow is my last exam as an undergrad. Madness. So listen to my bonehead move of the evening: I wanted to make coffee, since I began studying tonight at 11:00 for my 9 am exam...genius. Well, I filled the pot with water, dumped it in and turned it on. However, I sort of left out the key ingredient in coffee -- coffee. Yep, didn't put any in the little filter place. Moron.
Tomorrow is frickin' Cinco de Mayo. Hi, my name is DRUNK. Its gonna be good.
So, I have an interview Monday with the SC Dept. of Mental Health! A REAL job! I am interviewing for the position of theraputic assistant. I'm really excited. I would love love LOVE to take this job. I hope it works out. Okay fine, I'll go study. I already got a B though this semester, which seriously screws up the 4.0 I was shooting for. Gah. I guess I haven't really done work though this year in terms of school - the only work I've done has been beer research. Yeah. Beer Reseach.

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  1. Derrick Says:

    I love desk. I love lamp. I love blog!