23 bAbY

Happy Birthday to ME! Yay. Today is my 23rd birthday and everyone has been so very sweet! Thank you all so much for the awesome phone calls, facebook messages, text messages, IMs, and bathroom mirror signs! I have the most amazing friends. And remember to tell Mr. Matt Mullinax happy birthday too! February 28th is where it's at, man.

Also, please note that today is Fat Tuesday and Karaoke. Holy crap. Get ready for a wild night!

do not eat the chicken

so, saturday night dave and i decided to have a "nice" dinner out (i.e. not fast food). i wanted to go to wild wings, but they were insanely crowded, so we chose charlie t's instead. i had been craving chicken for whatever reason, so of course, that was what i ordered. low and behold, not even an hour after dinner...
i got food poisoning.
oh.my.god. i would never wish this pain upon anyone. it is the most violent illness i have ever experienced. it came with a disgustingly high fever, chills and lots of miserable bathroom time. and man, do i know that dave loves me because he helped me though all of it.
it started saturday night, lasted all day sunday, most of monday and now i am still queasy on tuesday. i advise you to never eat chicken at charlie t's. ever.

Strawberries of Doom

102 F hosted a Moonshine Keg Party last night. Turned out to be rather interesting. I will do a mini recap of the evening for you:
- I came over and did Dave's laundry. Dave was not present.
- We had a keg with no tap until Dan got there.
- Shawn ate a strawberry that had been soaked in moonshine. I don't think it tasted good.
- Shawn later threw up.
- We made a beer pong table out of Joe's closet door and dressers.
- There are about 30 people there that I did not know. I think they were under age, too.
-Ashley Pike, Ashley Alden and I had a very interesting conversation about 2 guys that we know. Both of which we believe to be gay. And creepy.
- We wrote our names on our cups and still managed to drink from cups with other people's names on them.
- Gabby and I had a really good psychology talk.
- Joe's "sex lights" were a hit. We thought they would be sketchy. Turns out people like them.. or maybe they were sketchy themselves.
- Senn wore someone's beer... in his lap.
- I vandalized Dave's bathroom mirror with lip liner.
- We finally got a picture of Robby.
- Some dude played Excite Bike on old school Nintendo. And got really excited about it.
- Stephanie has now coined the phrase "Duck Lips". They look like this:
- I actually made a trip to each bathroom in the apartment. All for specific reasons. I've never done that in one night.
- Some chick was really impressed with my shirt that said "Turn Me On"
- There were a large amount of Asian girls there.
- There was drama. But I think it helped the girls bond.
- Most of us got high off the markers that we wrote on our cups with.
- I made a turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich when I came home.
That pretty much sums of the Moonshine party. Moonshine = Bad. Shawn can tell you. I could have told you that, too actually.