Catherine Rocks to the Max

Okay so Catherine Reid, aka my favorite doof dater, wrote a freakin ode to me. TO ME. How fucking cool is that? It's in her blog, but I had to post it in mine out of appreciation/love/respect for being so bad ass. I love this girl... to the max. for real. Enjoy:

Monday, May 09, 2005

Cononie Ode/Rap
I really love Nicole Cononie. I thought since she is graduating and all on May 13th that I would write a little piece in honor of her..her funniness..her catch my drift. Yea, she just rocks. So here we go...
Ode to Nicole
Nicole, Nicole..she rocks my damn socks.
She can party all night, and drink like a fish
How does she keep the hot bod?
Do I know?...I WISH!
She is the karaoke queen
Britney Spears? Her impression is mean.
She makes me feel un-psycho
For being a crazy stalker
You'll never be as cool,
So don't even try to mock her.
She'll probably be my shrink
Which is cooler than wearing pink.
Her journal is so funny
I fall out of my damn seat.
It's funnier than the doof
And the way she and I did meet.
Makes me happy when I'm pissed
She's smart as hell and fun to boot
Nicole Cononie is the shit
This point is so not moot.
I am so glad that we know each other, and you probably really will be my shrink, because Lord knows I need one, and you do a damn good job giving me advice and listening to my weirdass boy predicaments. Hahaa. And we will sing Britney this summer at some point. For serious. You're damn amazing, girl...I love how we think just alike, and I'm so glad I dated Adam so I got to know you. Kick some Mental Department of SC ASS. Hahha, I just pictured you beating up crazy people. That would be kind of funny. Anyway! Heart you, girl..and yay for graduating!
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again... thanks (x) 869848325 to catherine reid for seriously being awesome. iloveyouwaymuch.

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