The Dance Off

I love random ass nights - the ones where you have no plan and then end up having a dance off with your best friend and her husband in a downtown club that you're totally too old for.

Saturday night I was losing my mind and about 13 minutes away from shooting blueberry vodka in my underwear in my kitchen. Alone.  Husband was out of town and I was in desperate need of a party.  So I turned to the Facebook for support (read: I begged someone to invite me to do something).  Amanda came to the rescue and invited me out to Arts in Mt. Pleasant to check out one of her fave bands, The Average Savage.  Cortni and Steve came to play too, which means the "Blonde, Brunette, Redhead" trifecta was out, except now its a "Blonde, a Rehead, and a Fake Redhead," which isn't quite as Charlie's Angels but still pretty cool since it's us.


So we drank beer.  And told stories about strip clubs.  And totally wrangled ourselves some sweet Average Savage tank tops.  And while I did not get to be their guest Maraca player, I was happy to have earned myself a free shirt simply by being there.  I'm really good at getting free, unnecessary shit at bars. It's a gift.

It's no surprise that I wanted to have a dance party.  It just so happened that Steve challenged me to a dance off.  And well, Cortni is always up for shaking her ass.  And so the quest for the dance party began.

We wandered across the street, thinking Wild Wing would have something entertaining, but that was a bust.  Now the only solution was to head downtown.  I tried to haggle with the bouncer at NV, but they refused to drop the price - $10 for guys to get in? Really?  You are not that big of a deal...

So clearly, the only option left, and in my opinion, the best/worst decision we could have made, was to go to Purple Tree!  The three of us spent the night making some variation of a Nicole/Steve/Cortni sandwich, all while trying to protect each other from being completely molested.  As soon as we walked in, some dude was hitting on Cortni.  And as she politely tried to turn him down and ensure him that she was there with her husband, she turned only to find Steve and I already engaged in our dance off.  Sorry Cortni...

We took some shots.  We got low.  We laughed our asses off.  Total success.  So when do we go back?