Don't Lock Yourself Out of Your 3rd Floor Apartment

Last night was really fun. It's been weird not having Megan with me. I kinda feel lost. And right now, Emily and Erin both are gone too - so it's just been me and Tucker. So without my girls here, I have to learn to like make new friends and shit. It's working. It's so cool when I find awesome people, and there is like a slew of them around Clemson this summer it seems. These people include, but are not limited to: Andrew, Sarah P, Mary Beth, their way fun friend Kevin, Jayson with a Y, and of course Candle.
Last night Andrew and I hung out and I had such a good time. We downed a big bottle of wine in like an hour between the two of us and talked our freakin heads off -like everything from motorcycles to borderline personality disorder. Yeah. Then we met Sarah, MB and Ellen and some other way fun people at Esso. Candle and Jayson ended up there also, so we had this awesome group of people that have never hung out together, but I've hung out with them all separately -- it was so cool to have us all together. But yeah... There is karaoke at Esso on Wednesday -- so not the same as Karaoke Tuesday. It just doesn't compare to TDs with Ed Miller.
We ended up at TTTs later; whereupon Candle stood on the booth and got the head shake from the owner. He apparently did not want to see our pretty Candle bust her pretty little ass. Fair enough. But it was really funny because it's not like she was even dancing; she was just standing up and talking to people. Yeah, this girl is so about to be my new partner in crime. Thanks to the 594 shots complements of Andrew, it is safe to say that we were all on the same level as Candle... no not standing on booths, but drunk enough to think its a good idea. Ha. Then somehow I started talking to Kevin (Sarah and MBs super fun friend) and holyhell, he's a Woodchuck fan! Wooohoo! And then he bought one for me!!! Even more woooohooooo! Ohmygah it was like heaven. If heaven came in a flavor, it would be woodchuck - and on a sidenote, if hell came in a flavor it would be prairie fire. We of course closed down the bar and then found our way home.
Now here comes the funny part of the night, or completely irrational insane part, whichever... So I locked my dumbass out of the apartment. I figured we could just pick the lock or go through Emily's window. Well, Emily's window was locked so that option was out and we were both too drunk to do the credit card in the door trick. Our final option was the kitchen window. The tiny kitchen window with nothing but 3 stories of nothing below it. It was unlocked though. So yeah Andrew scaled the fucking wall. Opened the window, pushed Tucker's fat head out of the way, got on the other side of the railing and shimmied through the window. And Andrew isn't little - we're talkin 6'5'' big dude here. Yeah, about the time he had one leg over the railing I had my phone in my hand ready to dial 911. Do you know how horribly bad that idea was?! And how completely stupid it was? And how bad it could have been?! GAH! Idiots. But Andrew did it perfectly. I guess if the whole normal career path doesn't work out, you could always scale walls and break into apartments through windows for a living for girls that lock themselves out. So thank you like a million gagillion times for getting into my apartment and for like not dying and shit. I'd prefer to keep you breathing and walking and all that jazz. You're kinda cool. So yeah, the moral of the story: don't leave your keys in your back pocket of your jean skirt and then change and leave your keys in the skirt and then lock the door and go downtown. Never ever ever do that. Bad.

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