He Proposed!

Sunday was the day before our one-year anniversary. Dave and I spent it at the pool with three of the coolest people on the planet: Candle, Catherine and Opie. We had some drinkies and just hung out. That night, Dave and I went to Sullivan's Island to eat at this restaraunt that Candle and Opie rave about called Poe's. Which by the way, was awesome. You can get rare burgers. Or medium rare.. how I like it. I got a little nervous when Dave was like "lets just go drive around," thinking that he had something planned. No. We actually just drove around.
We came home and started playing Nintendo. At 12:07, Dave came back into the living room (I think he had just been in the kitchen... or in the bedroom getting the ring...) and he said "Stand up." I was like "Why" He was like, "Stand up. I want to give you a hug. It's officially our anniversary." So I paused Dr. Mario and stood up to tell him I loved him so much and say happy anniversary. Dave then made some comment about how we will have the rest of our lives to play Nintendo... Then he took a deep breath, put his right hand in his pocket and as he was pulling out a ring box, he was getting down on one knee! I made some type of squealish noise and I think I said "Really?!" Then Dave said, "Will you marry me, Nicole?" and he opened the box to show me the ring. I actually only glanced at the ring and immediately said "Of course I will marry you!!" I held my hand out so he could put the ring on my finger and then I got down on my knees to hug him and kiss him. I was probably only kneeling for about 3 seconds before I was like "Um, can I sit all the way down because I'm really hot?" Typical Nicole. Seriously.
We sat down on the floor staring at the ring, then back at each other, then we would say "Oh my god, you're my FIANCE" By the way, fiance is our new favorite word of choice. The ring is so amazing. Dave's family has had diamonds for generations, so I get to wear the family jewels now. They are considered European cut (which resembles brilliant rounds) and the man who appraised the diamonds said he had never seen diamonds of this type more beautiful than the ones Dave had. Holy hell. The ring is 5 diamonds, platinum setting and 1.68 carats total. Seriously, I gained 3 pounds when I put that bling on my finger. He had it completely custom made. Because the diamonds are all unique, it took about 16 hours to design the ring. There is subtle, elegant engraving around the sides and the detail is absolutely amazing.
Dave told me that he had called to ask my Dad earlier that night to ask him if he could ask me to marry him. I absolutely love that he did the traditional thing and asked my Dad. And he was a sneak about it too. When we had come home from dinner, Dave grabbed the crossword puzzle and headed to the bathroom to do "business." I thought nothing of it. He came out really quickly though, so I asked if he was okay. He just said "false alarm" and I laughed at him and thought nothing of it. That's when he had gone to call my Dad. He said asked him and of course Dad said that he thinks the world of Dave and would love nothing more than for him to ask me to marry him and then Dave was like "Thank you so much. I have to go now because I am so nervous that I don't know what else to say." How freakin cute is that?!
We stayed up until 3:00 calling each other fiance and looking at my amazing new engagement ring. ENGAGEMENT RING! When I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom mirror, I paused only to say "It's like a rave when I brush my teeth," referring to how ridiculously shiny my 5, yes 5, diamonds are. Ohmygod, I'm so lucky!

I decided to skip class Monday night to officially celebrate our "new" anniversary -- the day David proposed. He took me out to Shem Creek to eat at this really nice restaraunt called Water's Edge. We ordered a bottle of wine, had crab dip, grouper, filet mignon and the most amazing peach creme brulle ever. Of course we ended up getting a buzz from our decievingly large bottle of wine that I had picked out. Of course I picked the one with the naked tree ladies on the label too. Hey whatever, the crazy tree nudests got us tipsy; so we ran with it. We went downtown to Henry's to grab some drinks and then retreated back to Gene's to finish out the night. We played Engagement Connect Four, Engagement Yahtzee and Engagement Scrabble. Which basically meant, we didn't really keep score and we just kept talking about being each other fiance. Oh we were so fabulously sappy. Love it.
Neither of us cried. I think we were too happy to cry. And both of us agree that we are in shock about it all. I mean, I look at this ring and say "Dave is my fiance" and I just can't believe it's true. I'm going to marry my perfectly ideal finance. FIANCE! Dave is my FIANCE! We're ENGAGED! HOLY FREAKIN CRAP! I didn't know that I could love someone like this and I didn't know I could be this happy. I thank God for putting Dave in my life. He is my soulmate. And now I get to be with him forever.

Bubble Bobblers

as many of you know, dave and i are disgustingly obsessed with nintendo; mostly bubble bobble and dr. mario. like obsessed to the point where are eyes start to cry involuntarily because we've been staring at the gorgeous 42 in. plasma for an absurd number of hours...

we've gotten so good that we can get to level 57 in bubble bobble without ever using a continue. oh yeah, that's serious. and we can beat the main boss guy at the end like whoa. only took us 23 years to figure out how... and we only figured it out by consulting jeeves.

well, whatever, we were playing, as usual, the other night and dave kept stealing all the fruit. i was getting pissed. so i push him while sitting on the floor next to him. he pushed back and like almost knocked my head off. here was our conversation about the pushing:
nicole: what the hell?!
dave: i'm trying to teach you a lesson
nicole: in what? sumo wrestling?
dave: (dramatic pause and then mumbles under breath) you assumo.
i was no longer pissed off at all, but rather confused and slightly amused too. needless to say, i don't think i really cared what happened in the game after that because i was too busy trying to figure out just where out of his ass he pulled that comment. and that's one of the million reasons i love that guy...

The Octopus VS. The Pineapple

friday night was really great because we got to hang out with emily and michael, whom of which i miss dearly. we were at tommy condons with the spawar boys and this crazy kilt-wearing band that had a really big tamborine-like drum with its own microphone. well, the kilt band produced music fit for dancing... dancing for those 40 and older and with no talent, that is. well, this one fat couple started spinning each other around, and we were at the table closest to the twirling, so of course we could do nothing but watch. emily turns to me, and in all seriousness, asks "is that an octopus shirt or a pineapple shirt?" i then studied the blue and white printed shirt intently for a solid 30 seconds before responding with my answer, "both."
okay seriously, it was like one of those magic eye pictures where if you look at it one way its some creepy old witch lady and turn it the other way and it's a cactus. i swear this man had pineapples and octopi all over his wretched shirt. i actually wrote this conversation down on my receipt so i would be sure to remember its funniness in the morning.
we then decided that it was time for gene's; we were in dire need of some connect four and tic-tac-toe. apparently, if all else fails in life, i can be the world champion connect four player, because for some reason, i'm really good. that was at least established after several rounds of drinkies; so you know, who really knows if i'm good. well tic-tac-toe became a favorite around the table, too. emily and michael were playing for a long time and started to seriously strategize for the win against each other. here is a detailed picture and description of the most ridiculously humorous tic-tac-toe play in all of history:

i don't know whose idea it was to put children's games in a bar, but it was the most fucking ingenius idea ever. ever. ever. if i could buy stock in gene's bar, i would. so really, seven grown people sat around a table on a friday night and paid more attention to who was going to win a board game than what drink they should try next. maybe they did this so people wouldn't get as wasted, because if you have to pay attention to something, like winning a serious game of connect four, then you are less inclined to get so shitfaced that you pass out on your little red playing pieces. huh, huh? yeah, that's logic right there. gene knew what he was doing.

so we finally got kicked out of the bar and came home. dave and i think its possible that we were naked before we got in the door (not because we wanted to have the sex. gah. but because we absolutely hate to smell like smoke). so our clothing was strewn about the front door area, we took a shower and decided we needed some late night discovery channel. well, we fell asleep, for 3 damn hours, scrunched up on our unconfortable couch... gross. so we got up at 6 am and ran to the bedroom and passed out for 3 more hours. we were still drunk most of the day saturday. it was stellar.

Joe's Bright Idea

okay, in class on wednesday night, we got a little break so of course i turned to myspace to see if i had received any exciting messages, friend requests or comments... and i did! i opened my new messages to find one labeled "funny story" from joe. i thought it might be a chain-like story, or just something random. well, it was definitely random and a lot funnier than i was expecting it to be... so i ended up doing to silent, shake-your-shoulders-violently laugh in the middle of the classroom because of the following story from our favorite maniac, joe. so here it is, straight from the crazy man himself. enjoy:

so today i was at work and one of the machines broke, ok so i broke it but that's not the point, anyway i look around and the only tool available is a hammer, so....i proceed to fix it with that, after a few minutes my boss comes running into the room to see what the racket is and finds me wailing on this $30,000 machine and has a heart attack (i did not know it cost that much). he then asks in a not so calm manner what the hell im doing, i reply 'fixing it, it broke' i neglect to tell him just how it broke, he kinda flips out and says a hammer is not the way to go about fixing this, i respond with 'well, thats how i fixed it all the other times' right around here he has his second heart attack, then asks how many times ive beat the contraption, i respnd: 'uh......not many...a few....im pretty sure just once', then he made me get the machine guy and we fix it together, at which point the machine guy shows me the hidden locking pin which is all i needed to pull, tricky stuff, anyway im no longer allowed to use hammers at work.

*and yes he wrote jitterbug for no apparent reason at the end. can you now understand why he is my best friend?

White Trash Bash, Ya'll!

last night was the long-awaited, first annual white trash bash at the home of our dearly beloved, catherine. everyone was required to look as white trash as possible, drink from a keg of busch light, brown bag their mad dog 20/20 or pbr tall boy, and swig boone's farm. i mean damn, y'all we partied like we were some kinda rockstars. candle, opie, dave, michael and myself roll up in our camo, tacky ass nascar shirts and hideous eye shadow, only to find that catherine has left her own party because when she bought the keg, she forgot to buy the tap. oops. yes, this was an indication of how the night was going to progress.
as soon as catherine arrived, we did some jello shots to honor her presence and talked as redneck as we damn well knew how. shoot. there was beef jerky, twinkies on toothpicks, swiss rolls on toothpicks, treet (which is imitation spam for those of us who were unfamiliar with the substance) tatertots and squirt cheese (as i call it. not easy cheese) all at our disposal. putting easy cheese on the beef jerky became the thing to do once opie introduced the idea to the party.

we started taking pictures like we were never going to see each other again and wanted to be sure to remember what each other looked like... at one point i gave my camera to the man with the neon racecar shirt and pornstache and we all struck a ridiculous pose as we waited for the flash. bubba's friend bobby stuck his finger in the way of the camera and without any hesitation, i scream "get your finger out of there!" this shocked some people who were unaware of the current situation.... and this also cracked jayson up beyond all reason. like really, i'm not sure if i ever saw him double over and laugh that hard before. which, in turn, caused everyone else to crack the fuck up. we continued taking terrible pictures, no surprise.
catherine disclosed to me today that she has this "deal" where when she throws a party, she feels completely compelled to do a shot with everyone at the party; and about 6 shots with the special ones. um. not good. there were many times, because of catherine's "deal" that she decided she needed a time out and in the middle of our conversation, she chose to sit down on the floor, mid sentence. i would always just squat down with her like it was normal and ask "you okay?" and then continue on with our mindless conversation. which usually consisted of a lot of "i love yous" and "you are my favorite" and "want another shot" and "i love you more." we're sappy drunks, what can i say. during our floor conversations, there were times when we had to avoid the random redneck dog. catherine walked in and was like "dude, i don't even know whose dog that is." but he was welcome because he dressed for the occassion in his gamecocks tshirt and rebel flag bandana. we never figured out who brought the dog. he was sweet though, so we let him hang out.

oh yeah, and if you looked at the pictures, i'm sorry, but there are a few that i simply cannot explain. one that i can explain however, is the one of candle looking completely shocked and catherine behind her with her hand on candle's ass. literally. catherine managed to put her hand on candle's bare ass and it completely caught candle off guard and caused a ton of drunk laughter. i'd venture to say they were booty dancing, but there's no guarantee. they could have just been having a random "i love you" conversation when boom. hand on the ass. no explanation. also, to further explain the magnitude of our drunkness, catherine woke up today with a phone, but no phone battery. seriously, how the fuck can a person only lose the battery? too funny.

dave partook in the shots that everyone kept doing. i chose to do shots of boone's farm instead of vodka. wussy. but the first time they were all going to do a vodka shot, dave is like "catherine! i have to do this over the sink because i really don't know what is going to happen!" no pukey. success. though the sink did become the place of choice to take shots. lushes. after dave's shotfest, he decided to become an even more awesomely bad redneck by bringing back the "double hat" look. you know, one bill forward, one bill backward. and he seriously thought he was a genius for this. in every picture for a good 10 minute photo shoot, dave was like "i have to stand sideways so everyone can see my hats" and proceeded to tell us this everytime a picture was taken. dave then decided we needed to dance. in the middle of the kitchen. in front of the entire party. but see, dave and i have a special dance that we learned one afternoon while watching "a river runs through it" when brad pit was dancing with this girl in a bar. allow me to elaborate: dave and i smash our bodies together, facing one another. we wrap our arms completely around each other and say "go." at this point we begin to violently swivel our hips in a clockwise circle simultaneously while leaving our feet firmly planted in one spot. we do this repeatedly until we laugh so hard that we start to sweat and get overheated and have to get off of each other before we pass out. we're seriously doing this dance at our wedding. no question.
i now cannot recall what happened in what order for the rest of the night because i had drank about 5 solo cups of busch light and did more shots and swigs than i could count. and i had drank about 5 or 6 beers before we ever got the the trash bash. woo. it was mostly wandering around the kitchen, eating twinkies and slim jims and sitting down randomly with catherine for "breaks." the only thing missing from this party was joe long. i said that too. and i meant it. move now, please? to show just how wasted we all were, we left the party at like 12:45. we're so old and drunk these days. we came home and ate the shit out of cheesesticks and cheese sandwhiches. it's frightening just how well we all pull off the white trashness. i'm ready for round two when you crazy bitches are. yeefuckinghaw.

Sake To Me

there's this bar in west ashley called gene's and it is, by far, the most brillant bar i've ever encountered. here's why: they have table shuffle board, approximately 200 beers to chose from and mother effing connect four. no, i am not even kidding. they make a bar that has connect four at it. and you can play it while you drink your fabulous new favorite beer called purple haze. (yay, catherine finally suggested a good drink... haha) seriously, i don't know the last time i had that much fun. catherine got everyone shitfaced with her 9 rounds of shots... to the point where we wrote all over the coasters and proceeded to steal them. we also attempted to add our initials to the bathroom wall, but you see, our keys were not sufficing as well as we had hoped.
here was catherine's suggestion: well i have matches! we could burn our names into the wall!
my response: no catherine, that will burn down the bar.
catherine: oh yeah, you're right.
told you we were shitfaced. we basically just took like 20 pictures of us being drunk and cracked up all night. and apparently all kinds of funny stuff was said, but the only thing anyone can remember is me saying "if i had arm hair, it would be standing up right now!" in response to taking a violent shot of something...
okay, this is a little random and it may be hard to explain, but i seriously have to attempt to tell you people this. i makes me look like a moron, but its worth it. okay, so for months, catherine has been telling me that i need to try sake. well, everytime i read this, i pronounced it as saaake (long a). one day i asked dave "what's saaake? because catherine keeps talking about it." he laughed for about 10 seconds and then said, "you mean sah-key?"

oohhhhh. i get it now.

seriously, i thought i was smarter than that. and i mean, i really went for months wondering what type of drink this saaake was. okay, well to make it even awesomer, i was in target today and they have a freaking shirt that says "sake to me" you better believe i bought that shit. i'm wearing it tonight when we go eat sushi and talk about sake. and by the way, sake is gross, but the fact that i called it saaake and not sah-key for like 90 days, it completely ridiculous. and that is blog-worthy by my standards..