Bye Noodles

Tucker and Twister ate Noodles on Sunday. And I don't mean pasta. I mean Noodles the Fish. Bastards. See, I had these boxes specifically built for the apartment that would hang on the wall and be completely out of the cats' reach. This plan worked until I put this cute Christmas decoration on top of the book shelf that was directly under my special wall boxes-- this allowed Tucker to use the Christmas decoration as a step and literally climb the boxes on the wall, all the way to the top one that was housing Noodles. He knocked down Noodles' bowl and Twister ate him. Candle walked in on the crime scene. I know this is the way that the murder was performed because I put the empty Noodles' bowl back in the box on the wall and I watched Tucker reenact the entire thing. Asshole. In celebration of Noodles' life, we had fishsticks for dinner. I don't think we meant to, we just happened to eat that. Kinda morbid. And kinda funny too. Poor Noodles.

In other news, I have a fabuously tacky Christmas tree.