Litter Box of Doom

so just as i was about to go to bed last night, i heard tucker banging around in his litter box. sometimes this is normal. he's kind of a spaz. if you've met him then you know what i mean. like really, the cat claws the walls, meows like it's his job, attacks our toes, chases invisible bugs which leads me to believe he is schizophrenic, and basically is just completely weird. so yeah, he was bangin around in the potty box and i just knew that could only mean trouble. and boy was it ever trouble... in the form of shit on his back foot. again. noooo. the first time this occurred i had erin to emotionally support me through the episode. and it really does take two people. but it was me against the beast. and that was not a pretty battle. first, i had to strategically pick him up so as not to collide with the tootie. no such luck - he managed to get some on his back. how do you get shit on your back? gah. i'm serious, this was a disaster. all the while it's like 2:45 in the morning, i'm all zombie like from drugging myself with too much coffee, staring at powerpoints and trying to decided what to do with my life, and also trying to decide what to consume for cinco de mayo... so yeah, i'm like screaming at tucker, he's screaming back, we are running around the apartment, i'm trying to corner him so as to contain the shit... finally i grabbed him so i run to the sink, but i couldn't get him situated so he clawed me, jumped down and tracked crap all over the kitchen. very vomit-worthy. round two. this time i got him in the sink, well at least his back legs and i had to scrub. ewwwww. so needless to say, battling with tucker while shit-infested is not pleasant. and definitely a two person job. i had to like change all my clothes because they were either hairy, wet or crappy. literally. or litterally. ha. i crack myself up... awful. and then i had to like completely wash out his littler box because it was just a disaster. one big stinky shitty disaster. ugh, i won't even go into detail - too gross. just applaud me for not throwing up and for getting through it alone. eww. what a way to end the night... damnit tucker.

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  1. catherine Says:

    GOD you are so great. i had to edit that last little part out that you commented on, because um a lot of people got really mad, so i figured i would take it down..but thank you so much for validating me...because after i wrote that, i was, you know, maybe its not such a great idea...but gosh..i just really think you rock. that's the only thing i can say. i love how we are like the only people who comment in each other's things. hahahha. i love how we are like one in the same too. it's pretty freaking sweet. LOVE YOU.