It's Official: I'm Obbsessed

yeah hi, i love blog. i'm gonna go ahead and make a disclaimer - i hate capitatization so i'm opting not to use it. i hope you don't mind too terribly. last night i stared at blogger so long that i gave myself a headache. do any of you remember from freshmen year when i had to make a webpage? holyshit i stared at the computer for 8 hours straight. i almost threw up afterward, but i had a damn hot webpage. oh yes, be jealous. well not really. basically i can be way obbsessed with internet gadgets. especially when i get to write all my thoughts down. it keeps me sane - or maybe insane. entertained nonetheless. and me likey.

i would like to also take this opportunity to thank catherine for the inspiration. she was the reason i began the old diary and now also the new diary. thanks girl. and for those of you who don't know the story -- catherine and i both dated that too-hot-to-handle mr. adam ruonala. then we realized that the other one was exceptionally cool and we have now become good friends. ex-boyfriends don't like it when ex-girlfriends make nice, but it happened and i wouldn't have it any other way. yay for catherine.

2 Response to "It's Official: I'm Obbsessed"

  1. catherine Says:

    oh dude i love you. your diary is so cute and pink it makes me feel really masculine bc mine is not cute and pink hahahhahah. thats not good.

  2. Nicole Says:

    i love catherine. the end.