Throw Dem Bows

saturday night, dave and i decided to introduce candle and opie to the purple tree ultra lounge. for those of you who don't know or have never experienced the purple tree, it's pretty much the coolest bar in charleston. you can sit in a booth and stare at all the idiots on the dance floor, go be an idiot on the dance floor, or be a combination of the two.
people tend to get exceptionally wasted in this bar for some reason. perhaps because they have bartenders such as the one we had who only charged us $18 for 3 liquor drinks, 2 jager bombs, 4 sex on the beach shots, 3 shots of some liquor i like to call death, 2 beers and some other date rape type shot. thank you drunk bartender.
well, apparently drunk bartender gave drunk customer too many drunk drinks because the a-holes in the booth next to us let their stupid drunk friend puke pretty much all over the place. i mean this girl was a trashcan. so we tell a bouncer because really, who wants to smell that? so yeah, dave rounds up a bouncer and the girls at the booth get all pissy. so dave sits back down with us and flicks them off for a good 4 minutes. all the while, i am just laughing and encouraging him. candle however, took a smarter approach to the situation... and entered into fight-mode. she's all like, "shit, we might be fightin' in a minute" so in one swift motion, candle pulls her hair back, takes out her earrings and bucks up. i follow her lead, although not nearly as gracefully, and yank out my earrings and fumble around for a hair tie. of course i forgot one and immediately panic. candle had back-up though. apparently, she comes prepared for girl fights... just incase.
the bitches and hoes eventully left the bar. dave removed his middle finger from the air once they were gone and candle and i put our earrings back in once the coast was clear. ha. we almost got into a girl bar fight. oh and dave and i accidentally got smashed. ha. i love charleston and all its ridiculousness.

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