Gettin' it done in the Twenty One-One

Alright, so it's been a while. I kinda got side tracked and did that whole "get skinny" thing. And I also kinda lost all of my creative powers for the better part of a year. Rude, I know, right?

But. There's good news: I'm back. Beeetches.

I'm making a little plan to tell some stories over here once a week. I have some good party shit lined up this year and I'm hoping some funny shit happens at them.

I also have plans to make this little corner of the blogosphere prettier. I've started by putting fat little owls at the top. See? Fat little owls clearly make things better. Actually Husband did that shit for me. I can't edit worth a damn...

So, I'm back. Hopefully I'll be a little more organized. And if I'm not organized, hopefully I'll at least have a lot of dumb shit to tell you that will make you laugh and forget about how unorganized my fatty owl blog is.

In the next 48 hours, Imma tell you about the dance party that was this past weekend. Because it's cool to act like a college kid when you're 38 days away from turning into a 28 year old woman.

((Commence 1/3 life crisis))

1 Response to "Gettin' it done in the Twenty One-One"

  1. Angel Says:

    Yay! I cannot wait to read your take on all of the debauchery that 2011 holds!