Possibly the Best Purchase Ever

I hate all of those info-mercials that are so horrifically ridiculous. They're train wrecks. You know you should turn away. You know you'd be better off without seeing the damage up close. You know it's really none of your business and you should just keep driving instead of rubber necking and slowing down the whole damn interstate.

But you don't. You don't do any of those things. You watch! All of those crap info-mercials suck you in. You even say to yourself or your husband or your fat cats, "This is ridiculous! Who would ever buy this? I am pissed off that this info-mercial is wasting my time!"

And then it grows on you. You keep seeing the stupid thing on TV. And you start to make fun of it. You start saying things like "I should totally buy that shit for Joe because it's that ridiculous and I know that he would pee his pants if he got it in the mail."

And then you find out that your favorite cousin has one. Because someone thought that Jen was Joe and totally sent her that shit in the mail. As a joke.

And then one day it happens. For no damn good reason. You secretly want one.

You want a SNUGGIE.

And you tell your husband that they have Snuggies at Bi-Lo. And you joke and say "Haha, they have Snuggies at Bi-Lo. On the side near the beer. And haha, maybe we should buy one one day. And oh yeah they come in zebra-print now."


And then one day your husband parks the truck at Bi-Lo on the side near the beer. And gives you a loving look and says "did you notice what side I parked on?"

And you squeal, "Snuuuuggieeeeee!"

And run in. And find the zebra-print one right up front. And violently throw it in your cart and smile at it like you won. You just WON a Snuggie!

And repeat the word "Snuuuuggieeeeee" for the rest of your Bi-Lo trip.

And then you take it home, wrap yourself in it all day, and do not move.


And that, my friends, is how I may or may not have exactly ended up with a Snuggie. A zebra-print effing Snuggie.

2 Response to "Possibly the Best Purchase Ever"

  1. Aquaheart Says:

    lol omg! i love this!! i JUST got a snuggie yesterday!!! in leopard! but now i want the zebra one hehehe :D

  2. Amber Dixon Says:

    Don't feel bad... we did too. I have a pink one for Breast Cancer and he got the tan one. :o)