Donut Day

My [soon to be ex-] boss instilled this awesome delicious make-everyone-fat rule at work... Donut Day. On the first of every month (or sometimes the 2nd if he forgets because I didn't remind him) he brings in like 50 Dunkin Donuts. And there are always way too many to chose from. And I always go for the ones that are completely stuffed full of 9 billion calories of delicious frosting.

I just gorged myself on one with chocolate frosting on the outside and fluffy vanilla frosting on the inside. And I might have stuffed a couple of those Munchkin holes in my face too. And I might have washed everything down with a Diet Mt. Dew.

Please, someone check on me in 20 minutes to make sure I have not gone into diabetic shock.

2 Response to "Donut Day"

  1. Nickie. Says:

    Hey. I'm new to your blog, saw your profile on LiLu's blog! Your blog kicks butt btw!

    We have donuts about once a mnth too. I can't help myself. RIght now, I'm going to Nom Nom Nom some carrot cake.

    Feel free to check out my blog.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hi Nickie! Okay I'm already a fan of you - you're name is basically the best name ever. Right?

    I'll definitely see you over at bunnichick soon.