Tuesdays with Morrie...Tuesday?

This morning was like every other typical workday morning: I hit the snooze button for an hour, Husband grumbles that he doesn't care what time it is, and we both roll around until 8:00 AM or so when we finally decide to throw ourselves out of bed. Okay so wait, it wasn't typical... Husband decided NOT to get out of bed when I did and proclaimed he was working from home today. Okay fine. Nothing out of the ordinary - he does that sometimes.

I left the house around 9:00 and started driving down the road. "Shit. It's trash day. Oh well." Husband always seems to pick Tuesdays to stay home. And he's the unofficial-official trash-taker-outer. So I figured we'd have a smelly garage for another week. Which really wouldn't matter anyway because I'm a little nuts when it comes to air fresheners, like so nuts that we actually have one in the garage. I don't know any other garage in America with an air freshener, but I'll tell you what - it's kinda nice to breathe in "clean mountain spring air" instead of stank ass rotten chicken. I bet you want one in your garage now too, don't you? Thank you Frebreze.

Husband called around 10:00 AM, I figured to say that he had joined the rest of the working world, but instead he called to tell me that he took out the trash. Excellent! And found a dog. Whaaaat??!

Apparently some little black lab puppy (6-8 months old, we'd guess) came bouncing up to Husband and was just like "hey what's up." So Husband looked around to see if bouncy puppy had a bouncy owner perhaps. No, no bouncy owner. Hmmm. So, like I said, Husband called me to ask WTF to do. He made a make-shift leash with some rope and just tied it to his collar and started to walk him around the neighborhood.

"He needs a name," husband said.

"Tuesday. His name is Tuesday," I said while giving myself an imaginary pat on the back for being so damned creative.

So now Tuesday is hanging out in my master bath eating some Beneful (because I'm also so damned nice and brought some nom noms home from the Target for him) and is completely pissing off the kittehs. They are like "WTF is in my bathrooms?! He better not gets teh toona nom noms. Teh toonas are not for sharing. Especially not with doof dog."

So now we have pissed off Murdoch, confused Moose, and happy Tuesday hanging out at home with Work-From-Home Husband. And I'm here. At work. Blogging about the ridiculousness. What the hell do I do with a Tuesday?

2 Response to "Tuesdays with Morrie...Tuesday?"

  1. Queen Amanda Says:

    Well, for one... you must take peeectures.
    And now i do kinda wish I had a garage so I could make it smell nice too. : P

  2. The Belle Says:

    Please tell me you've adopted Tuesday. However, if you haven't and Tuesday went home, makeshift leash and all, then perhaps I can con you and Husband into taking another doggie... :) i mean, i am not above driving down there, dropping him off in your neighborhood and shuffling him over to your back door of the porch and letting him in. With a note. and kibbles. and treats... muhahahahaha.