New Blog Friends

I just wanted to post a quick note to say hello to the fun new bloggers that have started to follow my ramblings! I'm so excited that you have stumbled upon my page -here's hoping more continue to stumble.

This week has been crazy - I've planted 21 plants in my front yard. 19 of them were done all by myself [Husband dug 2 holes]. So now I'm exhausted and very very sore. But I have no time to worry about those things because my little brudder is in town all weekend!

I promise to come back next week with some entertaining debacles to blog about.

Happy Friday new & old friends!

2 Response to "New Blog Friends"

  1. ♥Simply Seductive Says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that this was my first visit to your blog! Hope to return soon.

    All the very best!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yo.. amazing style :)