Mexico: Hola! Necesito Cerveza Por Favor! Ahora Mismo!

The long-awaited Mexico recap blog has begun. This will be like a little mini-series because if you're anything like me, you'd rather get a bunch of fun little presents individually wrapped instead of a giant box with random shit all piled inside. Therefore, this mini-serious of blogs will be individually wrapped for your maximum entertainment.

So, pre-Mexico, I touched up on my Spanish skills:
Hi = Hola
Beer = Cerveza
Ahora Mismo = Right now
Bathroom = Bano

...Kay, I'm good to go.
Our flights to Mexico were easy and painless. And free of hand sweat (my feet sweat when I drink coffee; my hands sweat when I panic; god forbid I ever nervously drink coffee...) We arrived at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa mid-afternoon June 20. We got to go to the "Privilege" lobby since we had signed up for the upgrade status.

This somehow entitled us to the super upgrade status because we were handed the little swipey keys to a Master Suite just a few moments later! We walked into our giant room *which was more like an apartment than a hotel suite, and I seriously clapped and giggled. There was a giant pink couch, chocolate covered strawberries, and a beautiful ocean-front view staring back at me as soon as I set foot in the room. The bed was giant, the ceiling was pink and the closet was giant and pink! Our bathroom was massive and equipped with fuzzy robes and slippers. Our minibar was stocked and would magically be restocked anytime we drank anything from it (free of charge). Hi, All-Inclusive? I think I love you. I threw back the pink curtains to the balcony and stepped out with a giant smile plastered on my face, I took a deep breath and looked around. When I looked to my left, my jaw fell open, because our private jacuzzi was sitting there giving me sexy eyes telling me to come sit. Really? A private jacuzzi on my ocean-front balcony in my master suite in MEXICO?! Jesus, I did something right!

We threw on our bathing suites and set out to wander the resort. We stopped at the Snack Bar Pool for some nom noms and of course, some drinks. First pick: Coconut rum & pineapple. Husband took one sip, "Dear God, where have you been?" He said looking down into his neon yellow cup. Ahh, it was going to be a great week...
We wandered over to the next area - the Swim-Up Bar Pool. And do you know what they had at the Swim-Up Bar Pool? Well, besides a swim-up bar? They had techno music! Ump-tah Ump-tah Ump-tah (that's my techno beat. You like it.) We tested out the swim-up bar a few times; it works.

Two favorite drinks for the beginning of the week: the strawberry daiquiri and the frozen margarita.

Tidbits for next blog in the series: Introduction to Jerk Bird, the Resort Strip Club & Sake Night.

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  1. The Belle Says:

    there's always a strip club with you.