Happy Feet

My giant Target order came in the mail earlier this week. It's like Christmas every time a new package comes to the door! Ohh I love it. In my giant order came 3 new pretty pairs of shoes. I had to find a top in my closest this morning that would somehow correlate with these pretty slutty things:

I feel so preetty!
Also in my giant Target order were very giant bikini bottoms. The picture online made them look kind of retro since the style was black/white polka dot and they were "full" and not stringy, so I thought "ooh cute." More like "ooh barf." They came up to like the middle of my back and almost touched my belly button and were just gigantic and saggy. What happened?! Needless to say, those sad droopy drawers will NOT be in the Cancun suitcase. I am, however, hoping to add this little cutie pie of a monokini to the Cancun suitcase instead. Fingers crossed! It'll be in early next week and I have seriously high hopes. Oh the orange pears are just adorable!

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