Cancun is for Lovers

Hi, this is Nic in pee-my-pants-I'm-too-excited mode! Why? Because Husband and I are taking a kick ass all-inclusive 7-night trip to Cancun, Mexico! As I'm sure you know, we were supposed to take a cruise for our first anniversary, but that fell through in the most miserable way, so here we are 8 months later ready to redo the anniversary we never got to have. Well, I guess we technically got to have an anniversary, but there were no umbrella drinks, tan lines, or seashells involved. We'll be basking in the luxury of the Ocean Coral and Turquesa Resort.
This tropical heaven has 8 restaurants, 9 bars and a view of the ocean that looks like this:
And since Husband and I only know how to do things BIG, we of course, upgraded ourselves to the "Privilege" status, which means we get a swanky room, table preference in the restaurants and entrance into the VIP areas of the bars. Oh God, do you even know how much I'm going to live this up?! This is so up my alley I can hardly see straight.
I plan to come back with the most ridiculous tan of my life. I look forward to seeing what shade of bronze I can max out at. In the mean time, I have 2 weeks to prepare myself, so I've already shopped online (and purchased) 3 new pairs of pretty summer shoes (4 inch heel included on at least 1 pair), a new dress, new bikini, and of course new tacky jewelry. To go along with my tacky jewelry, I believe I will be buying the most ridiculous (yet somehow reasonable) CZ ring I can find. I can't justify bringing the real stuff which means I get to pick out something gaudy and cheap. Oh I love it! Bah! I can't wait! Hurry up, June 20th!

2 Response to "Cancun is for Lovers"

  1. The Belle Says:

    sam moon. find the website. maybe or something? you'll know when you find it. I troll it for big guady jewerly and get excited at spending 5.65$ for a massive peice of bling. and i get cocktail rings from there ALL THE TIME.

    YAY for CANCUN!

  2. Queen Amanda Says:

    Now you need to post a blog with all your pretty new "Cancun" clothes and accessories. :D