Bling Blaang

As I mentioned in my happy-dance blog about Cancun, I got to pick out new pretty fake jewelry to adorn my tan hands while vacationing in Mexico. There are plenty of good reasons why I needed to buy fake jewelry:
1. It's sparkly and pretty and who cares if it's fake... it's preetty!
2. Husband does not want me to draw attention to myself
3. Husband does not want me to get robbed
4. Husband does not want me to get kidnapped
5. I agree with Reason #1, 3, & 4. Reason #2? Not so much. I'm tacky and attention-drawing regardless of whether or not I mean to be. (Okay, I might mean to be. Sometimes.)

Hokay, so, I started shopping online (which is my new favorite thing to do, by the way) and after I perused "Almost Diamonds" and "Ziamonds" I found "Fantasy Jewelry." Oooooh, fantasy.

Well, I insisted that Husband let me purchase the 8 carat canary solitaire, but he referred back to #2-4 and told me to quit being tacky. Quit being tacky? How?! Tacky is the new black! Tacky = Nicole. *Does.not.compute.

So I looked through the wedding sets and found this one that we agreed upon: It has 1 carat in the center, 1.5 carats total. Pretty modest if you ask me. Or so I thought...

And then for funsies, I also added the 2 carat canary beauty to the bag. So pretty!

So my pretty sparkly falsies came to me in the mail yesterday. The 2 carat canary turned out to be more modest than the bling blang wedding set! The "modest" wedding set is completely over-the-top obnoxious. What happened? Looks like I'll never escape the tacky inside of me! It's really gaudy and reaaaally sparkly. Oops. (I like sparkly.) So much for not drawing attention! I'm still going to wear it. I can't help myself. I was never good with moderation, anyway.

3 Response to "Bling Blaang"

  1. Queen Amanda Says:

    Just keep a watchful eye for shady characters... and have secure, stappy, and sturdy absolutely fantastic sandals on when you're runnin' from those kidnappers. :P

  2. The Belle Says:

    tackyfabulous. love it.

  3. Laura Says:

    I REALLY like the top pic of the gaudy ring - so pretty! I'm glad you two finally got to celebrate your anniversary!!!