Ohh O Ohh, The Tweetest Thing

Husband and I ran some errands downtown this past Saturday and decided to park in one of the garages instead of trying to fight for street parking. We also hoped the Celica would not steam up to 300 degrees since it would be sitting in shade. Do you know how sick I get of burning the piss out of the backs of my legs on my stupid dark gray leather seats inside my stupid midnight blue car? Why do dark colors have to look so goooood?! And why do I have to live in hot ass Charleston with my pretty dark car?! It's totally time to upgrade to that new Pearl Lexus I want. Mmmmmm. ::Drool::

Okay that has nothing to do with this story.

So, we parked in the parking garage. Also found in the parking garage on this particular afternoon, a teeny little bird who was just screaming at the top of his lungs like he was hurt. I immediately morphed into mom-mode and walked toward him. He let me get really close to him. I just talked to him, hoping that I could somehow understand what the hell he was screaming about. I couldn't. Damn it. Well, there wasn't really anything we could do, so we just had to leave him there and hope that he was okay. Sad face.

We came back and the little guy was in the same little corner, just screaming, crying, and pacing back and forth. I was like "That's it. We have to do something!" I was fully prepared to get one of my reusable Bi-Lo shopping bags from the trunk and scoop up the poor thing and just go put him in some bushes. Husband didn't exactly want me handling a disoriented baby bird. Understood. So Husband instead took my purse and put it down near the little screamer to persuade him to start hopping near the doorway and maybe get out of there. Birdy let Husband push him toward the light, but then he got a little pissed off and turned around to start screaming at Husband. Yikes. I was like "Uhhhh, back up. NOW."

I fully believe that he fell out of his tree and got really scared and lost and ended up in the dingy dark corner of the parking garage and then didn't know how to get back out. Once we got him near the opening, a bigger bird outside started screaming back at Little Birdy. "Is that his mom?!!" She swooped down and picked him up and put him on this little ledge. He was finally out of the garage! Then he flew off with Mommy Bird. His final tweet back at us was "thaaaaaaanks," I'm sure of it. Hooray, we saved Baby Bird! Good deed for the weekend, check.

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  1. The Belle Says:

    you would save a bird on the weekend :)