Mid-Day Shoe Splurge

Like most average working Americans, I occasionally go out for a few minutes to pick up something for lunch. Today my craving was for the Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad from Chick-Fil-A. Nom nom nom. Well, apparently another craving hit me as soon as I got in my car. A craving I could no longer ignore, a craving that I inevitably needed NEEDED to give into: a craving for shoes. Glorious PURPLE shoes. So, I'll admit, as much as I would love to spend upwards of $200 on every pair of shoes I want, I just can't. I don't have an overflowing bank account. But I do have a bank account that lets me slap down $80 for 3 pairs of shoes at Shoe Carnival. I know it's not the classiest of places, but I have surprisingly good luck there. And until my salary jumps to six figures, I just cannot justify plunking down the mega big bucks for shoes, clothing and accessories. I happen to like my Maybeline mascara from Target, my perfectly fitting black trousers from Banana Republic Outlet, and my silly dangly necklaces from Kohl's. I do tacky well. Tacky works for me. Which is why, my friends, the purple shoes could no longer go unpurchased. I saw them about a week ago when I made another Shoe Carnival steal-of-a-purchase for some black & white pumps and all of their 4 1/2 platform inches of glory. Similar to this slutty like thing pictured left. I'm fairly certain I was a stripper in a past life. Who else is 5'8'' and lusts after 4 1/2 inch platform stilettos to wear to her 9-5 office job? Something just doesn't add up. I must have been a stripper. Either way, I'm rather ecstatic that I now own purple shoes (along with a caramel pair and shiny round-toe black pair) to add to my collection. Unfortunately, my shoe rack is already spilling over... I hope Husband doesn't demand I throw out 3 pairs to make room for my new 3 pairs. I can't do it, Husband. I just can't. Now, what the hell I am going to do with purple pumps is beyond me, but you better believe I will be trying to make some kind of outfit that I can wear to the office tomorrow that will allow me to shamelessly parade around in my new favorite foot ornaments. I almost want to hug them, I'm so excited about them. Oh how easily I am pleased...

2 Response to "Mid-Day Shoe Splurge"

  1. The Belle Says:

    ohhhhhh I love 'em. I have some purple patent leather peep toe pumps that i adore. with a 5 inch heel. I hug them occasionally. it's ok, no one's looking. hug away :)

  2. Queen Amanda Says:

    You're so cute!
    I'm excited the weather is warming up again now so I can break out all my fav pumps! :D