Dirty on 85

Remember the song from college by Youngbloodz called "Dirty on 85?" Yes? Well good. I know what inspired them to write that song: Freaking Atlanta.
Okay, first, you do actually have to drive on 85 to get to Atlanta (if you're coming from Greenville, SC). And 85 is actually filthy. Everyone drives like morons, and God-forbid it rains while you're on 85 (which it always does because that is the highway to rainy, soggy hell). The roads were obviously made with pavement labeled "best for use in the rain if you want to produce so much spray from your car that you can't even see the car in front of you." And 85 spits you right out into downtown Atlanta. Full of smog, douchebags in Porches and homeless people. Lots and lots of dirty homeless people. While trying to walk just one block, we were approached by 3 different bums. Ugh.
Oh, and apparently the valet at the Rennaisance hotel is under a sappy tree filled with pigeons because my car returned to me with 800 pellets of sap all over it and almost the same number of bird poops. Topped off with a nice flyer for some hip-hop party of the century. WTF.
I'm never going back to nasty Atlanta. And I'd also be completely content with never driving on dirty 85 either.

2 Response to "Dirty on 85"

  1. The Belle Says:

    So I loathe hot Lanta too. However, i ADORE Peachtree City. Seriously. If you have to go back to the dirty dirty, GPS Peachtree City and go there. It's heaven on earth. I have tons of family there and I swear its Like cool Stepford. With Golf Cart parking spaces at grocery stores and movie theaters (everyone drives golf carts...Bently and Mercedes-Benz carts of course...) and there are private driveways for cars, pedistrians and golf carts.

    sorry you drove on 85. blah. that makes me say bleh twice outloud just seeing it in print.

  2. Scott McLean Says:

    Wow! I like that photo but the traffic jams sort of scare me. haha