Accidental Paperie

Sometimes I click something online, which leads me to click somewhere else which occassionally leads me to awesomeness.
That happened today. In my stumbling fit, I came across return address labels. Ohmygah, all I want to do is order some of these and send everyone I know a card that just says "don't you love my cute labels?!"

And, holy crap, they make lunch box notes! Okay, seriously, when I'm a mom, I'm putting a note in my kids' lunches everyday that says something ridiculous like "hey, don't pick your nose" or knock knock jokes:
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Candy who?
Candy cow jump over de moon?

So now I'm currently on a mission to find cutie fru fru stickers to put all over the mail I want to send all over the world. Guess that means I need to overhaul my stamps too because something tells me my relatives think I'm a little spazzy when I send them a thank-you card mid-March that has a Nutcracker stamp on it. Yes, time for neutral stamps and absolutely ridiculous address labels with polka dots and monkeys and little swirly letters all over them. Gimme gimme gimme.

1 Response to "Accidental Paperie"

  1. The Belle Says:

    um. don't tell. but I'm still using snowflake stamps from two seasons ago.

    and cute cute cute return address labels.

    you should search "spaz return address labels" and see what comes up. Something that induces epilepsy would be quite Nicole.