Blog (Again)

As of lately DeAnne and I have become email buddies, it's basically the 2000s version of pen pals and we write to each other like 5 times a day. For those of you who are unaware, DeAnne and I are part of the "ex-girlfriends" club along with Catherine. All 3 of us managed to end up with this 7 foot tall doof at some point in our lives, he told all of us that the other ones were crazy, and all 3 of us investigated and found out that he was actually the crazy one.
So 4 years later, us 3 girls are all good friends and he's out of our lives. Well, in discussing how we know each other, DeAnne brought up my old blog - in which I deemed her a stalker. I mean, she was, but so was I and so was Catherine, so my old theory that "stalkers don't make friends" has been proved false and in all actuality, stalkers do make friends.
So... having a discussion about my old blog really made me miss it. I actually made a bound copy for Joe last year. It was 2.5 years of debauchery printed on approximately 200 pieces of paper. Ridiculous. Needless to say, I miss that crap. Granted, I may not have quite the stories that I used to have, but I still have equally ridiculous friends and we seem to wind up in crazy situations so I might as well still keep track of this crap. So I'm vowing to myself and to you maniacs that actually keep up with this shit that I promise to do a better job of putting my life on "paper."

Ready.Set.Blog (again).

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