I'm HA-Larious (or maybe just drunk)

i wrote this tonight on my myspace page and i actually laughed at myself. enjoy:

funny side note: a few years ago, i thought my eyes were going bad. so i went to the eye doctor and ended up with glasses. my parents thought i just wanted to be trendy and get super cute glasses. then they tried on my glasses only to realize that, they too, were blind as shit. they were like "crap! we're blind as shit too." good thing i got glasses. otherwise, there'd be a lot of blind cononies without hot frames driving around.
also, on hangover days, i have to drink milk. i can't drink water because it's too thin and reminds me of things like vodka and three wise men shots. milk reminds me of childhood. and i wasn't drunk then.
i wear a hair tie on my left wrist everyday. it has to match my shirt. i never actually pull my hair back though. don't ask question.
oh, also, i very much prefer plastic cups to glass. i break glass. and sometimes i even break plastic, like my pink plastic wine glass i broke in college because i was drunk and slipped on my too-long pajama pants. i ended up on the kitchen floor with a giant ass bruise, literally, ass-bruise, and a broken wine glass that was plastic. i saved my wine though. and i drank it. then i had to drink milk the next day.

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