Patters the Seagull

Dave and I went to sit on the beach today because we're actually in town for once. We spent most of the time playing in the water, but we had to get out eventually and dry off so that we could go eat some guacamole at Taco Boy. Well, we sat back in our chairs and there was the group of disheveled seagulls hanging out near us. We noticed one in particular...he was dancing. I'm not even kidding. The bird would stomp his feet as fast as he could and then spin in a circle while bobbing his head and still stomping his little teeny feet. And he was going really fast! It kinda looked like that running-in-place workout stuff that football players do. And he did this nonstop! Other seagulls would fly away or go do something else, like search for sand crabs, or whatever seagulls do, and he just stayed in this little area just stomping around. We named him Patters, like "pitter patter," because that's all his little feet did. You could even hear him stomping around... I have no idea what this bird's problem was but needless to say, he entertained us for the remainder of the afternoon. Crazy seagull.

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