Thank You, Friends!

i will write a big awesomely hilarious blog in a few hours, but first i just have to rattle off a few thank yous:

1. catherine -- thank you SO much for planning such an awesome birthday party for me. open bar? how awesome are you, seriously. no one has ever done something so very thoughtful. you are a wonderful friend -- i am so lucky.
2. david -- thank you for managing to keep all this a secret! i love you and i am so blessed to spend the rest of my life with you.
3. megan -- thank you for being here and helping plan this weekend. and especially thanks for providing the blackmailing photography that was posted all over my delicious cake. ha. i love you, girl.
4. joe -- every weekend is always better when you are with me. the end.
5. michael -- i seriously think that everyone gained ab muscles this weekend. thanks for always cracking us up and being the life of the party. i have one cool ass brother.
6. jayson -- your birthday present was the funniest damn thing ever, hands down. thanks for always being so much fun.
7. deanne -- thank you for coming to charleston! it was a complete surprise and i am so glad that we finally got to meet each other!! you and liz are so much fun and i cannot wait to play with you guys again really soon. i think it's so awesome that you, catherine and i have such a crazy little bond. you're awesome, girl.
8. bill -- you were a huge surprise this weekend, too! thank you for always being so supportive of dave and me and for just being such a freaking great guy. we're lucky to have you around.

i love you people. i have great friends. thank you! thank you! thank you! fun blog to come soon! mwah!

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