My Throat is Green

so i've gotten semi-slack on the blog writing, i know. sorry. i meant to write one last week about our ridiculous drunken excursion downtown, but i waited too long to write it and now i can't remember. blast. it involved 2 buckets of beer, 2 surfer on acid shots, 3 vodka drinks and a trip to gilroy's pizza at 2:00 am. i blame ed miller for all of this.

well, whatever. so yesterday dave was sleeping on the couch and i was so freaking bored, so i decided that i was going to wake his ass up so he could entertain me. i went to sit next to him on the couch and here is the conversation that occurred:

nicole: hey dave? are you awake?
dave: my throat is green... or brown or purple.
nicole: um. what?
dave: nevermind. i don't want to talk about it.
nicole: um. okay. i'll let you sleep some more.
dave. yeah okay.

after he actually woke up, i told him about our conversation. he claims that he meant to say "my throat is dry." why the fuck he said green instead is beyond me... i guess he's been living with me too long and has picked up my talking-while-sleeping habits. i'm expecting us to have full-blown sleep conversations eventually. maybe we should set up a tape recorder at night to see what happens...

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