Volcano Face

okay seriously, what the hell. okay, i get sucked into info-mercials, like, a lot. and one day or night, i don't remember and it's irrelevant anyway, i made dave watch the pro-active commercial with me. you know, you see all the ugly zitty people first then you see how beautifully they have transformed. whatever. so we decided we want to use it. no, i don't have bad skin and neither does he, we're just dumb and like to spend our money.
so during our $202 shopping spree at walmart the other night, dave picked up the loreal equivalent of pro-active. and we began to use it. well, i guess i didn't really read the warnings or ask dave what was going to happen, but ohmygod, i look like a 14 year old boy going through puberty! ugh. okay, maybe not that bad, but my face did explode a little. and that has never happened in my life. like, maybe once a month i might get a bump on my chin or forehead, but that's all. so having like 5 at once is just ungodly to me.
well, ha, it took me like 20 minutes to do make-up this morning so i could cover up my disasters... and there is this one mean one in particular. you know you've all had it too. its the one right under your nose. well, mine is so monstrous that my lip has actually swollen and now when i smile, well, my smile is crooked. i cannot make kissy lips because it hurts my zit. i cannot talk properly because it hurts my zit. i couldn't even brush my teeth normally. wtf. seriously. i'm so pissed. remind me to start saving my money and to not fuck with things that are not broken. like my face. gaaahh.

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