He Proposed!

Sunday was the day before our one-year anniversary. Dave and I spent it at the pool with three of the coolest people on the planet: Candle, Catherine and Opie. We had some drinkies and just hung out. That night, Dave and I went to Sullivan's Island to eat at this restaraunt that Candle and Opie rave about called Poe's. Which by the way, was awesome. You can get rare burgers. Or medium rare.. how I like it. I got a little nervous when Dave was like "lets just go drive around," thinking that he had something planned. No. We actually just drove around.
We came home and started playing Nintendo. At 12:07, Dave came back into the living room (I think he had just been in the kitchen... or in the bedroom getting the ring...) and he said "Stand up." I was like "Why" He was like, "Stand up. I want to give you a hug. It's officially our anniversary." So I paused Dr. Mario and stood up to tell him I loved him so much and say happy anniversary. Dave then made some comment about how we will have the rest of our lives to play Nintendo... Then he took a deep breath, put his right hand in his pocket and as he was pulling out a ring box, he was getting down on one knee! I made some type of squealish noise and I think I said "Really?!" Then Dave said, "Will you marry me, Nicole?" and he opened the box to show me the ring. I actually only glanced at the ring and immediately said "Of course I will marry you!!" I held my hand out so he could put the ring on my finger and then I got down on my knees to hug him and kiss him. I was probably only kneeling for about 3 seconds before I was like "Um, can I sit all the way down because I'm really hot?" Typical Nicole. Seriously.
We sat down on the floor staring at the ring, then back at each other, then we would say "Oh my god, you're my FIANCE" By the way, fiance is our new favorite word of choice. The ring is so amazing. Dave's family has had diamonds for generations, so I get to wear the family jewels now. They are considered European cut (which resembles brilliant rounds) and the man who appraised the diamonds said he had never seen diamonds of this type more beautiful than the ones Dave had. Holy hell. The ring is 5 diamonds, platinum setting and 1.68 carats total. Seriously, I gained 3 pounds when I put that bling on my finger. He had it completely custom made. Because the diamonds are all unique, it took about 16 hours to design the ring. There is subtle, elegant engraving around the sides and the detail is absolutely amazing.
Dave told me that he had called to ask my Dad earlier that night to ask him if he could ask me to marry him. I absolutely love that he did the traditional thing and asked my Dad. And he was a sneak about it too. When we had come home from dinner, Dave grabbed the crossword puzzle and headed to the bathroom to do "business." I thought nothing of it. He came out really quickly though, so I asked if he was okay. He just said "false alarm" and I laughed at him and thought nothing of it. That's when he had gone to call my Dad. He said asked him and of course Dad said that he thinks the world of Dave and would love nothing more than for him to ask me to marry him and then Dave was like "Thank you so much. I have to go now because I am so nervous that I don't know what else to say." How freakin cute is that?!
We stayed up until 3:00 calling each other fiance and looking at my amazing new engagement ring. ENGAGEMENT RING! When I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom mirror, I paused only to say "It's like a rave when I brush my teeth," referring to how ridiculously shiny my 5, yes 5, diamonds are. Ohmygod, I'm so lucky!

I decided to skip class Monday night to officially celebrate our "new" anniversary -- the day David proposed. He took me out to Shem Creek to eat at this really nice restaraunt called Water's Edge. We ordered a bottle of wine, had crab dip, grouper, filet mignon and the most amazing peach creme brulle ever. Of course we ended up getting a buzz from our decievingly large bottle of wine that I had picked out. Of course I picked the one with the naked tree ladies on the label too. Hey whatever, the crazy tree nudests got us tipsy; so we ran with it. We went downtown to Henry's to grab some drinks and then retreated back to Gene's to finish out the night. We played Engagement Connect Four, Engagement Yahtzee and Engagement Scrabble. Which basically meant, we didn't really keep score and we just kept talking about being each other fiance. Oh we were so fabulously sappy. Love it.
Neither of us cried. I think we were too happy to cry. And both of us agree that we are in shock about it all. I mean, I look at this ring and say "Dave is my fiance" and I just can't believe it's true. I'm going to marry my perfectly ideal finance. FIANCE! Dave is my FIANCE! We're ENGAGED! HOLY FREAKIN CRAP! I didn't know that I could love someone like this and I didn't know I could be this happy. I thank God for putting Dave in my life. He is my soulmate. And now I get to be with him forever.

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