The Octopus VS. The Pineapple

friday night was really great because we got to hang out with emily and michael, whom of which i miss dearly. we were at tommy condons with the spawar boys and this crazy kilt-wearing band that had a really big tamborine-like drum with its own microphone. well, the kilt band produced music fit for dancing... dancing for those 40 and older and with no talent, that is. well, this one fat couple started spinning each other around, and we were at the table closest to the twirling, so of course we could do nothing but watch. emily turns to me, and in all seriousness, asks "is that an octopus shirt or a pineapple shirt?" i then studied the blue and white printed shirt intently for a solid 30 seconds before responding with my answer, "both."
okay seriously, it was like one of those magic eye pictures where if you look at it one way its some creepy old witch lady and turn it the other way and it's a cactus. i swear this man had pineapples and octopi all over his wretched shirt. i actually wrote this conversation down on my receipt so i would be sure to remember its funniness in the morning.
we then decided that it was time for gene's; we were in dire need of some connect four and tic-tac-toe. apparently, if all else fails in life, i can be the world champion connect four player, because for some reason, i'm really good. that was at least established after several rounds of drinkies; so you know, who really knows if i'm good. well tic-tac-toe became a favorite around the table, too. emily and michael were playing for a long time and started to seriously strategize for the win against each other. here is a detailed picture and description of the most ridiculously humorous tic-tac-toe play in all of history:

i don't know whose idea it was to put children's games in a bar, but it was the most fucking ingenius idea ever. ever. ever. if i could buy stock in gene's bar, i would. so really, seven grown people sat around a table on a friday night and paid more attention to who was going to win a board game than what drink they should try next. maybe they did this so people wouldn't get as wasted, because if you have to pay attention to something, like winning a serious game of connect four, then you are less inclined to get so shitfaced that you pass out on your little red playing pieces. huh, huh? yeah, that's logic right there. gene knew what he was doing.

so we finally got kicked out of the bar and came home. dave and i think its possible that we were naked before we got in the door (not because we wanted to have the sex. gah. but because we absolutely hate to smell like smoke). so our clothing was strewn about the front door area, we took a shower and decided we needed some late night discovery channel. well, we fell asleep, for 3 damn hours, scrunched up on our unconfortable couch... gross. so we got up at 6 am and ran to the bedroom and passed out for 3 more hours. we were still drunk most of the day saturday. it was stellar.

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