Joe's Bright Idea

okay, in class on wednesday night, we got a little break so of course i turned to myspace to see if i had received any exciting messages, friend requests or comments... and i did! i opened my new messages to find one labeled "funny story" from joe. i thought it might be a chain-like story, or just something random. well, it was definitely random and a lot funnier than i was expecting it to be... so i ended up doing to silent, shake-your-shoulders-violently laugh in the middle of the classroom because of the following story from our favorite maniac, joe. so here it is, straight from the crazy man himself. enjoy:

so today i was at work and one of the machines broke, ok so i broke it but that's not the point, anyway i look around and the only tool available is a hammer, so....i proceed to fix it with that, after a few minutes my boss comes running into the room to see what the racket is and finds me wailing on this $30,000 machine and has a heart attack (i did not know it cost that much). he then asks in a not so calm manner what the hell im doing, i reply 'fixing it, it broke' i neglect to tell him just how it broke, he kinda flips out and says a hammer is not the way to go about fixing this, i respond with 'well, thats how i fixed it all the other times' right around here he has his second heart attack, then asks how many times ive beat the contraption, i respnd: 'uh......not many...a pretty sure just once', then he made me get the machine guy and we fix it together, at which point the machine guy shows me the hidden locking pin which is all i needed to pull, tricky stuff, anyway im no longer allowed to use hammers at work.

*and yes he wrote jitterbug for no apparent reason at the end. can you now understand why he is my best friend?

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