Bubble Bobblers

as many of you know, dave and i are disgustingly obsessed with nintendo; mostly bubble bobble and dr. mario. like obsessed to the point where are eyes start to cry involuntarily because we've been staring at the gorgeous 42 in. plasma for an absurd number of hours...

we've gotten so good that we can get to level 57 in bubble bobble without ever using a continue. oh yeah, that's serious. and we can beat the main boss guy at the end like whoa. only took us 23 years to figure out how... and we only figured it out by consulting jeeves.

well, whatever, we were playing, as usual, the other night and dave kept stealing all the fruit. i was getting pissed. so i push him while sitting on the floor next to him. he pushed back and like almost knocked my head off. here was our conversation about the pushing:
nicole: what the hell?!
dave: i'm trying to teach you a lesson
nicole: in what? sumo wrestling?
dave: (dramatic pause and then mumbles under breath) you assumo.
i was no longer pissed off at all, but rather confused and slightly amused too. needless to say, i don't think i really cared what happened in the game after that because i was too busy trying to figure out just where out of his ass he pulled that comment. and that's one of the million reasons i love that guy...

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