Water Water, Everywhere

so i almost busted my ass in the kitchen on a huge puddle of water. wtf? yeah. i actually said that. apparently our awesome washing machine has decided to throw up all over the kitchen. maybe my kitchen is just preparing itself for the frickin hurricane that is coming to charleston. it's like night of the water war all over again, except this time there are no humans with pots of water running around, just the aftermath that was left on the floor is here (which is a lot less fun than pots of water to throw, by the way). the citadel already cancelled classes for thursday because of it. and dave and i just realized that our apartment complex is in one the mother effing flood zone areas.
but back to the washing machine issue...i'm here by myself all day. with tucker. which means all i have to deal with today is a flooded kitchen and gigantic bugs that tucker brings inside. i mean, all i wanted to do was be a sweet, domestic little house wife, apparently though, that is too much to ask.
and that was going to be my life's backup plan. shit.

oh yeah, and my cure for the flooded kitchen comes in the form of a giant pink towel... to soak up the water... which i fully intend to leave in that exact spot until dave gets home to fix it.

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