The Un-Tooth Fairy

i went to the dentist today. it was miserable. it's actually still miserable. i had to get about 8 shots in my mouth so they could numb me so that they could replace my old ugly silver fillings, give me new ones, seal some of my groovy (not groovy as is austin powers, groovy as in too many grooves) teeth and even fill a cavity (which i was extremely embarrassed about). i went in at 11, got done at 1. it is now 4 and i am still numb. i tried to drink some milk and drooled on my arm. i also have tried to talk to dave a few times and certain words, such as "teeth" come out sounding like "teetsch" i've developed a temporary lisp so it seems... serves me right, since i always make fun of lispschs. whatever, this shit hurts. someone really needs to bring me a milkshake. even though i probably cant eat it because my mouth wouldnt know what to do with a straw because it cant feel itself... so bring me a spoon too. gah.

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