A Mini Hair Horror

okay i attempted to highlight my hair a few hours ago. i wanted to put in this reddish color because i thought it would add to the nikkita look. yeah right. instead i came out with these chunks of blonde/copper/brassy gnarley looking pieces of crap. holy.shit. i was freaking out. so i ran to target with my hair soaking wet, no makeup and shorts and a tshirt. when i got there i realized i had forgotten to put on underwear. whatever. i was in and out of that bitch with some dark brown hair color in 6 minutes. seriously. i sped home and i am now currently waiting for the 25 minutes it takes to undo my stupid idea. i just hope my hair doesn't fall out. and because i did this little craft in a fit of hurry, i am now covered with these blackish splotches on my arms, neck and stomach, too actually. i managed to rip my shirt off before dying my hair because it's always a real pain in the ass to have a mound of hair dye solution in a pile on top of my head and then try to remove a shirt without getting the shit on it. damnit. so, now it's time to go wash it out. cross your effing fingers. i really don't want to look like a dumbass tonight.

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