You're Afraid of What?!

i'm in graduate school, right? well apparently, that doesn't mean anything because we are having "bring your favorite phobia to class" day next week. i also have to make a time capsule for my other class,but whatever. so in researching my "favorite phobia" i came across some incredibly ridiculous fears and felt compelled to share. here's a list for your making fun enjoyment:

*peladophobia= fear of bald people
*katisophobia= fear of sitting down
risky career options for people with this phobia
- computer jobs
- desk jobs
- office jobs
- any job in an office with chairs
(yes, i actually found this on a website)
*oenophobia= fear of wine
*lachanophobia= fear of vegetables...
i mean, that squash can be pretty scary sometimes...
*cacophobia= fear of ugliness
*pogonophobia= fear of beards
*alektorophobia= fear of chickens
*xanthophobia= fear of the color yellow or the word yellow
* anglophobia= fear of england or english culture, etc.
* arachibutyrophobia= fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
* geniophobia= fear of chins
*lutraphobia= fear of otters (don't fear them; save them! ha.)

yeah, just thought you might enjoy this shit. i did. i hope i never have to counsel anyone with one of these fears. i think i'd laugh. a lot.

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