Lunges of Doom

because i've sat on my ass and drank alcohol for the past 5 years of my life, i've become a little... out of shape. i know i'm not a cow or horribly obese, but i used to have tricep muscles and a hotter ass and whatnot. so because i have been bitching nonstop for about a year about what a fatty i've become, mom and dad bought me a personal trainer. or, paid for me to have one. whatever. so i will meet with rhonda the wonder woman for 11 more sessions in hopes of becoming a fabulously sexy bitch.
today was our first official session and, oh my god, i've never felt pain like this. i did lunges, leg presses, leg curls, leg lifts, standing lunges, 20 minutes of moderate intensity cardio, some crazy bending exercise with the big ball, and lastly... the throw downs. you know, the things where you hold on to someone's ankles and they throw your legs to the floor and you have to bring them back up just so they can throw them down again? aka: torture. i didn't even know you could work these muscles... well, places where muscles should be. good gah. so needless to say, i don't think i can walk anymore.
oh yeah, and she's making me keep a food journal, which is smart because now i won't put bad things into my mouth because i will know i will have to write them down. and then wonder woman rhonda will be disappointed. and we cannot have that. so no more cheese and mayo sandwiches with a side of ice cream. damn. so watch out, bitches, i'm about to be hardcore.

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