Strawberries of Doom

102 F hosted a Moonshine Keg Party last night. Turned out to be rather interesting. I will do a mini recap of the evening for you:
- I came over and did Dave's laundry. Dave was not present.
- We had a keg with no tap until Dan got there.
- Shawn ate a strawberry that had been soaked in moonshine. I don't think it tasted good.
- Shawn later threw up.
- We made a beer pong table out of Joe's closet door and dressers.
- There are about 30 people there that I did not know. I think they were under age, too.
-Ashley Pike, Ashley Alden and I had a very interesting conversation about 2 guys that we know. Both of which we believe to be gay. And creepy.
- We wrote our names on our cups and still managed to drink from cups with other people's names on them.
- Gabby and I had a really good psychology talk.
- Joe's "sex lights" were a hit. We thought they would be sketchy. Turns out people like them.. or maybe they were sketchy themselves.
- Senn wore someone's beer... in his lap.
- I vandalized Dave's bathroom mirror with lip liner.
- We finally got a picture of Robby.
- Some dude played Excite Bike on old school Nintendo. And got really excited about it.
- Stephanie has now coined the phrase "Duck Lips". They look like this:
- I actually made a trip to each bathroom in the apartment. All for specific reasons. I've never done that in one night.
- Some chick was really impressed with my shirt that said "Turn Me On"
- There were a large amount of Asian girls there.
- There was drama. But I think it helped the girls bond.
- Most of us got high off the markers that we wrote on our cups with.
- I made a turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich when I came home.
That pretty much sums of the Moonshine party. Moonshine = Bad. Shawn can tell you. I could have told you that, too actually.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    who are the hotties in the second pic?