Remembering the Water War of 2005

Last year, on about this very day in January, a war took place in 102 F. A Water War. Because it was one of the most hysterical nights of my life, I thought I should write a blog in remembrance of it (and post the incriminating pictures). I just happened to be looking through some of my old pictures when I stumbled upon the night of the water war and I laughed. Out loud. For a really long time. And then I had to call Dave and remind him of just how funny it was. As you may recall, Dave, Joe, Megan and myself all threw pots (or cups, in my case, because I was too dumb to upgrade my cup to a gallon sized pot instead) of water on each other for hours on end one night in the boys' apartment. We only paused momentarily once when my foot started bleeding and Dave had to doctor me, and a second time when I punched through Joe's window screen and made the boys scream so loudly and girlishly that we all couldn't move because we were laughing so hard. The apartment was kinda mildewy for a few weeks, there were broken shot glasses in the garbage disposal for a couple days, Joe's screen is still broken, but he moved out of that room so it doesn't matter now, and we still get a good laugh when we look back on that ridiculous event. And personally, I wouldn't mind a little rematch one of these days... man, I love you guys. Also, I encourage all of you to click right about here and reread the original post for Night of the Water War.

1 Response to "Remembering the Water War of 2005"

  1. Queen Amanda Says:

    I just clicked the link and read your water war post. I was seriously cracking up!! Thank you for that... very VERY much! :D