The Joys of Socom... Sike.

So, Dave and Shawn have become obsessed with this wretched playstation game called Socom. More like Socrap. All they do is sit in their respective rooms with their little headsets, yell to each other and at other players and blow each other up or run each other over with tanks. Woo. At dinner tonight Shawn compared me and him to a divorced couple fighting for custody of the kid. Dave being the kid. I still cannot fathom the love men/boys/dumbasses have for video games. Especially video games where there isn't a very clear beginning and end. This is why I enjoy regular old school grey box Nintendo. We all can understand that Mario starts at the beginning of a world, stays on one path, kills some flying turtles, hits his head on a box at the end, collects some coins, perhaps a new life, and moves to the next world. Simple. Socom = not simple. Socom = stupid. Oh yeah, I have a disclaimer for this blog. Shawn told me I could do it. And Dave knows I love him. And he did give me neat computer toys that make my computer better that I don't understand. So I told him I'd make him cupcakes. Even if he does like Socom. As long as he doesn't start coming to bed with his controler or headset... or Shawn... I suppose I can deal with this video game obsession.

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