Emergency Tampons and Ipods

Remember the blog about how we got pulled over by the lady cop and Wiggins swore he had seen her titties and he also swore that we had emergency tampons in the first aid kit? Well, Erin and Wiggins wrote on each others' walls on facebook and I found the comments to be so amusing that I had to share them with the rest of you. Without further ado, here are the funny wall posts:

Erin: If the need of emergency tampons arises, contact your nearest wiggins.
Wiggins: If you are ever riding with E-Bizzle on a late night and get pulled over you have one of two options of getting out of it: A- start yelling to your friendly passengers that you know the cop and you have seen her tits before, or B- reach into the handy dandy first aid kit, which is located in the very, very back of the four runner where you were forced to ride, pull out a tampon and wave it aggressively at the officer. option A is a def. win, B sounds good though!

In other news, I bought an Ipod. Nano. It's tiny and it pretty much really pisses me off. I have no idea how to work the thing. I have songs on it... in no particular order, which might actually frustrate me more than having no songs on it at all. I'm such an impulsive shopper. Whatever. I will figure it out. Or, Dave will figure it out and teach me. Yeah, probably the latter of the two.

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