Since You've Been Gone

So exactly how is it my fault if my ex boyfriend still calls me, texts me, looks at my pictures and reads my blog? really. I'd like to know how I control any of this. See, funny thing is, I'm the bad guy in the situation because he still talks to me. Sorry if I remain friends with someone after we had a relationship. And sorry if your ass can't deal with it. I'm not the one lying to you or hiding things from you, missy, so get your facts straight before you threaten to "post my blog" on your little webpage. Which actually, would be fine with me if you did, because I don't really know how that makes me look bad, you know? If you really have that much of a problem with me, then why don't you just talk to me? I'm actually not that scary. And the truth is, your "boyfriend" has been claiming to be single for a good many months now. So I'm sorry that you are being lied to. He did the same shit to me and Catherine. And amazingly, neither of us are actually psycho. Don't worry, he'll tell the next girl you are just as insane... so you might want to reconsider just who it is you are so angry with.

And please don't worry - I would never go back to him. And I have never intentionally tried to fuck you over -- I actually didn't know you were even still seeing him, based on what he'd told me. And I also can't control the fact that he is the one calling me 3 times a day instead of spending time with you. I mean, he's a cool guy and we had fun, but I've moved on and I have an amazing man in my life, now. So good luck. And really, if you need to talk to me, just talk.

3 Response to "Since You've Been Gone"

  1. Derrick Says:

    Yeah, I can't think of a witty remark, I think you covered it Nic.

  2. catherine Says:

    GOOD ENTRY. you have a way of taking the lump of disorganized thoughts i have and making them sound completely sense-making-ish.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Im so sorry. I havnt worked the courage up to apologize any other way for hating you and Catherine for no other reason, but please know, Im sorry. I should say thank you for posting this, Im sorry I felt checking up on you was the only way to get information about how YOU were trying to get back with him, now it makes sense, you wernt, I think in the back of my mind I knew something wasnt right, but I chose to put the blame on you and that was unfair, I still don't know everything and I know Ill probaly be learning more as the time goes on, I just wanted to apologize to you, for hating you when I had no right and for taking the word of someone who I knew had issues with truth over yours. I just assumed, ex's wernt nice. I was sadly mistaken this go round.