Little Additions

Yesterday began as a normal day at the Esso. We were kinda slow because of the nasty weather, so Candice, our manager decided to go clean up the office. She was in there and kept hearing these squealing sounds so she got one of the kitchen boys, Trey, to come see if he could hear it too. They decided the noise was coming from the attic, so Candice nominated Trey to go play detective. Guess what he found? Three teeny baby kittens! Of course I don't know how to say no when it comes to teeny baby kittens, so I volunteered to help take care of them. Angie and I decided we would take turns babysitting them and also try to find good homes for the babies. It's near impossible for me to not take one or both, but I know I do not need another addition to my cat collection. Tucker and Twister and enough as it is. Angie took them to the vet where she got formula and little bitty bottles for them. Ohmygah it is the most precious thing to hold one of them in my hand and feed her with a bottle! It is also a good form of birth control because I barely can handle taking care of an animal, lord knows how much I'd fail with an actual human. Eeek. Sad news though, the little gray one in the middle didn't make it. He was the runt and we were having a hard time with him. Sad. But the other two are doing really well. And now I must go play mom and feed the little cuties. Yay for Esso kitties!

3 Response to "Little Additions"

  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. catherine Says:

    CUTEST things i have ever seen

  3. Derrick Says:

    that is crazy small