I Love My Friends to the Max

Nothing is more important to me than the relationships I have with my friends. Especially my best friends. They are my world, my support system, my most precious treasures. Anytime an arguement happens between us, I break down. I honestly do not know how to live when things are not okay with my friends. Last night, I thought I had lost my two best friends, for different reasons, and really, I couldn't physically stand up. I need you two so much. I don't just want you in my lives, I need you. Megan is my left support beam and Joe is my right. Without one of you, I am borderline hysterical, without both of you, my heart breaks. I know you both know how much I love you. Please know that love will never change. Thank you both for impacting my life in such wonderful ways. And damnit, don't leave me. Ever. I'll kick your asses. And sorry I'm an idiot sometimes. Honestly though, you two are amazing. I love you, Megan. I love you, Joe.

and just on a side note, thank you, Andrew. So much. I really do think you are wonderful.

and while I am at it, I love you Emily, Erin, Candle, Michael (both Cononie and Snider), Dave, and Jayson. All of you offer such a wonderful friendship to me. Thank you. I hope each of you know that I love you. I smile knowing how much fun I always have when any of you are around. You make my days happy. I love it that I can be Nicole, real Nicole, and all of you accept me for that. It's an incredible feeling as well as a blessing. Yay. I am so thankful to have you in my life. I'm lucky to be surrounded with such great people.

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