Nintendo Thumbs

I'm not really sure what sparked this obsession, but I have fallen victim to the gray box Nintendo. Like really, I showed up at mexi-Monday at midnight because I had sat in front of Nintendo for 5 freakin hours. Who does that?! I like to consider myself on the Mario diet. Because really, I'm gonna end up losing weight because all I do is play that stupid game. Mario 3. Yessss. When I finally pulled myself away after 2 more hours of Mario after mexi-Monday, I went to bed with swollen and bruised fingers and thumbs. Then, no joke, I woke up with my hands in the position they were all day from holding the controller -- all contorted and numb from being clutched around that stupid rectangle with the 3 buttons. I'm surprised I didn't break the controller from keeping a death grip on it all day. Gah, I need a life.
My brother, Michael, came to play with us in Clemson last night. He will be a freshman in the fall! Yay. So we thought we'd throw a little party for him. I played Nintendo for most of the night. Until too many people kept walking in front of the TV or because I kept getting smacked with beerpong balls. Gah. Then I got too drunk to see Mario anyway, so it all panned out and I ended up being the one throwing the beerpong balls in all the wrong places. Everytime someone missed I called them a bitch, I think. Always guys too. "Haha you missed all the cups, bitches!" was basically my catch phrase for the evening. We had fun. Kevin and I kicked some beerpong bitch ass, too. I have a ton of fun with that kid -- even if you do get to lazy to hold yourself up and revert to using the wall as a dance prop. Too fun.
Michael wanted to go to Tiger Tails, but Waffle House was closer and not quite as grody, so me, Michael and Andrew went there instead. Those two guys talked about cars and computers for so long. It was actually really cute. Too bad I didn't understand a damn thing they were saying. Talking about motherboards, horsepower and torque... I was like "Ummm, well I got to level 8 on Mario today." I'm glad we got to show Michael a little taste of Clemson party madness. More is definitely to come, bro, so get ready! :)
So, I've been singing Savage Garden - I Want You, all damn day. "Ooooh I want you, I don't know if I need you but oooooh I'd die to find out... like a chick-a-cherry cola." Which is really cracking me up. I haven't heard that song since like 1995 so maybe since I'm in old school mode, my brain has warped back to old goofy pop songs too. I did just add New Kids on the Block to my latest cd... gah, I know I am an incredible dork. You guys still like me though. Even though according to some I am, and I quote, "dumber than a bag of hammers," based on some of the decisions I wanted to make... whatever. I had so much fun last night with Michael and Andrew - so thanks guys :) And thanks to Savage Garden for entertaining my brain today. Ha.

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