Downtown with Kevin and Nicole

Downtown with Kevin and Nicole: doesn't it sound like it could be a talkshow or some crazy reality TV shit? It should be. We drink Woodchuck and have re-donk-ulous amounts of fun. And have random excursions with cops, huge ass football beasts, untamed water hydrants and drunken downtown mobs. I'd watch it if it came on TV....
so yeah... Kevin and I were downtown dates tonight - very fun! We got to talk and hang out more than we ever really have before, and I must admit, I'm a big fan of the Mr. Kevin Jennings. Everything was pretty normal for the downtown scene, except for the crazy cops! Gah. Go home, bitches. They were lookin' for something to do tonight obviously. So Officer Meyers (1) had on creepy black, fingers-cut-out-of-the-ends-type gloves on tonight; like the ones hardcore steroid-taking, iron-pumping meathead dudes wear, or also the kind of gloves that maniac bikers wear, and (2) the goof has braces. My theory is that he wanted to balance himself out and wear the gloves to take away from the silly fact that he is a middle-aged goofball with braces. Ha.
Then we decided we needed to explore the suburbs of Clemson to find our way back to highway 93. We almost could have possibly really gotten lost. But we didn't. Kevin got lucky on a couple of turns and we managed... to find ourselves on 93 with a crazy fire hydrant busted. No shit. And it was freakin HA-larious. We were all mid-seriousish convo and we both see this crazy burst of water drowning the earth and we swore it was also out to land directly on our car. Really, had we had the windows down, we would have be swimming all the way home. Then these crazy football ninjas almost ran into Kevin's car. I would have been more concerned had we not just been witnesses of the mammoth water spout in the middle of Clemson. I cracked up until we got to about Hardee's where I had to stop and breathe for a moment. And after a couple of rounds of Woodchuck and Bud, mammoth water spouts at 2:00 are about the funniest event life can offer.
So thank you, Kevin, for the way fun night; and also for being real with me and for looking out for me. I appreciate your honesty and I'm so thankful for your friendship. You definitely rock to the max.

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  1. Derrick Says:

    Yeah, i got a couple questions. Um, if you drink Woodchuck, does that make you a Woodchuck? And if so, how much Woodchuck could a Woodchuck upchuck if a Woodchuck drank too much Woodchuck?

    Btw, i love it when you say no. That's hot.